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Move over, boring office wear. IREA is here!

Move over, boring office wear. IREA is here!

Over the years, office wear has evolved significantly. From the traditional suits and ties for men and formal skirts and blouses for women, the office attire has become more dynamic and diverse, accommodating different styles and preferences.

Today, the office dress code is more flexible, with many companies adopting a more casual dress policy. This trend has led to the emergence of smart casual attire, where employees can dress comfortably and still maintain a professional look.

One of the reasons for this shift is the rise of the millennial workforce, who value comfort and self-expression in their attire. This generation has played a significant role in the changing office dress code. They prefer to wear clothing that allows them to express their individuality, and are not limited to the traditional office wear.

Moreover, many companies now prioritize comfort and flexibility over the formal dress code. With remote work becoming more common, the need for formal business attire has diminished. Employees can now dress more casually when working from home, which has also influenced their office wear when they do come into the office.

Another factor that has influenced the change in office wear is the rise of the creative and tech industries. In these fields, employees are encouraged to express their individuality, and this is reflected in the way they dress. The traditional business suit is no longer the norm in these industries, and employees are free to wear what they feel most comfortable in, as long as it is appropriate for the workplace.

Overall, the change in office wear reflects the evolution of the modern workplace. The rigid dress code of the past is no longer practical or necessary, and companies are embracing the benefits of a more dynamic and flexible approach to attire. Employees are now free to express their individuality, while still maintaining a professional look. As such, the future of office wear is likely to be even more diverse, dynamic, and accommodating of different styles and preferences.

At IREA, this change is what we have embraced to bring you styles that are suited for a professional setting and yet adds elements of fun and spunk in them through colours and silhouettes.