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Our Story

The IREA Inspiration 

Office wear for women has changed over the years.  At the start of this century, most women’s formal wear was modelled on men’s formal viz. shirts, trousers and suits in similar colour palettes of black, blue and grey.

Over the years, except for adding a few safe colours, the basic framework continues being straight jacketed solids and simple cuts which are now perceived as boring by the Gen X and Y alike. The covid pandemic has further led to casualization of office wear. 

Given the evolving dynamism of the modern working women, we designed clothes that are vibrant, infused with silhouettes and cuts that are elegant and yet very cool – the perfect combination for the ‘New Corner Office’. 

IREA styles are designed in the global fashion capitals of the world viz. New York, Milan, Paris, Tel Aviv, Moscow and Mumbai.  And yet manufactured locally.  We are a proudly ‘Made in India’ brand.  IREA is pulling office wear out from its old boundaries of ‘boring’ and thrusting it into the next decade, for the woman of tomorrow.

The IREA Woman

The IREA woman sets new standards everyday.  She questions established beliefs and carries her true self everywhere. Her personal style is very modern, aspirational, she looks to go beyond conventional styles and corporate colours.  She impresses at work by dressing like a CEO.


Devi is a real estate investment banker.  During her 19 years stint in companies like KPMG, Deloitte, JLL and Anarock, dressing up for work had become a happy morning ritual. 

During her travel to countries like USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, shopping for office wear was a necessity driven by lack of good and cool styles back home in India. This gap of cool and evolving styles drove Devi to experiment with some designs with the help of global fashion designers.  The output that came out of that experiment set the seed for this venture. 

Fashion for Devi is also a vent for her creative bent of mind.  With a fine eye for detail and aesthetics, and business sense of mind, Devi hopes to bring in the best of global fashion to the Indian woman.  During her free time, Devi travels, reads voraciously and photographs landscapes and architecture. She is an absolute dog lover.


Aparna is an astute media expert with over 16 years of experience in advertising, marketing and public relations. Aparna is a social media influencer and loves fashion. Her fashion style is cool and fresh. 

Aparna’s love for all things fashion drew her to IREA. Being from an advertising world, her strife to find formals that are fun and lively was a constant challenge.  She joined IREA to draw upon her marketing skills that she employs regularly for her personal branding and pursuits including photography and tarot reading. 

 Aparna is a professional photographer and a tarot reader and finds a balance in her life by juggling her professional life with her creative pursuits. She is the founder of Panache Photography and her street photographs have been published in leading newspapers and magazines. When she is not working or capturing photographs, she practices tarot reading under the name of Tarot Warrier. She is an avid reader, writer and a passionate movie buff.