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Stylish Office Wear Ideas for Women

10 Stylish Office Wear Ideas for Women

Alright, let's have a heart-to-heart about formal dresses for women. Sure, office wear might have a reputation for being the beige walls of the fashion world – dependable, but not exactly thrilling. But hey, let's not throw this fashion baby out with the boring bathwater! We're talking about a blank canvas that's just begging for some sassy strokes of style genius. And this is where IREA was born. Our very genesis and mission were to make office wear interesting and stylish. And we mean not just office wear tops or office wear dresses, but also the perennial and always loved Indian kurtis for office wear.

You will find a lot of generic articles online on this topic. But trust us, with our research and depth, no one got you covered as we have. So below we have curated the best looks and styles that you will not find anywhere else and that will turn you into a style goddess at work. Try these stylish work wear ideas and slay your day!

1. Pants that are NOT black, blue or grey

Ladies, it's time to paint your office canvas with hues beyond the regular boring black, blue and grey trifecta! Imagine striding into the workplace with pants in an enchanting lilac, a shade that whispers elegance. Or how about trading the ordinary for a touch of forest green, infusing your ensemble with a dash of nature's confidence? And let's not forget the mustard magic – a pop of color that radiates warmth and energy. These colour pants aren’t just bottoms; they’re your adventurous spirit woven into fabric. So go ahead, ditch the mundane, and dive into the kaleidoscope of exciting yet professional colors. Your wardrobe’s ready to party!

2. Going Monochrome

How about playing the style game in monochrome. Pick tops and bottoms of the same colour for that unmissable look that exudes confidence and sophistication. From head to toe, embrace the power of one color, whether it's classic black, serene white, or any other shade such as pink, green, blue, yellow, etc. Of course, avoid colours that appear too loud and distracting. One of the advantages of monochrome is the ability to use texture in your clothing. Try textured fabric in monochrome to add that extra oomph to your work glam. The second advantage is the flexibility it allows in accessorizing. With a single colour you can add dashes of small colour pops onto your accessories in a complimenting way that makes you sizzle at work.

3. Printed Jackets

Next, let's break free from the sea of plain suits and unleash the jungle of printed power in the office! Imagine striding into meetings donning a leopard print blazer that roars, "I'm in charge!" Printed suits and jackets are your express ticket to style adventure. From bold florals to daring geometric patterns, these ensembles aren't just clothes – they're storytelling canvases. Every print whispers tales of confidence and charisma. So, swap the plain for the extraordinary, and let your outfit tell a tale of fierce professionalism and fabulous flair. It's time to embrace the wild and unconventional, yet stylish side of workwear!

4. Black & White

Black & White Dress For Office Wear


When it comes to office chic, black and white duo is an eternal and timeless epitome of style. Black & White represent the balance of contrary forces that blend into each other seamlessly like they are made for each other. This combination, whether it’s top and pants, shirt and skirt or just a dress, is classic elegance that will never go out of style. Whether it’s Monday or Friday, there is a black & white for every mood. Check out IREA’s Classic Black & White Collection to get some extraordinary outfits for this style. This combination always ensures that you are dressed to perfection.

5. Collared Kurtis


Collared Kurtis


Are you ready for a new twist to your ethnic kurti? Fusing modern and western elements like the collar into an India kurti can magically turn this piece into a sartorial handshake. This fusion is a very effective merger of tradition with corporate chic. From power meetings to water cooler chats, you're not just dressed; you're a style symphony. Pair them with pencil pants, treggings or leggings and create your style statement here. Go ahead, embrace this style fusion magic!

6. Colour Blocked Outfits

Colour Blocked Outfits


When it comes to infusing some vivacity into your office attire, color blocked outfits are a compelling option. Blending a vibrant pop of color with a more subdued shade, creates a visual masterpiece that turns heads in the boardroom. Bright yellow against gray, hot pink playing with navy – the combinations are as endless as your ingenuity. In the world of corporate neutrals, you're the splash of color that exudes confidence and fun. So, dare to break free from the ordinary, and let your color blocked outfit declare, "I'm here to conquer the day – in style!”

7. Jacket Dresses

Whether jackets are your thing or not, jacket dresses are definitely for all! Jacket dresses for women offer a remarkable blend of elegance and functionality. A single ensemble that combines the polish of a dress with the structured professionalism of a jacket! These dresses boast versatility, allowing you to effortlessly transition from work to after-hours events. Jacket dresses bring an air of sophistication to any occasion and let’s you make that lasting impression at work with clients or your management.

8. Two piece outfits in colours of the same family

You need to be bold to try this style option in the world of office fashion where two-piece outfits in harmonious hues reign supreme! These are playful pairing that's like a fashion family reunion - a blue pant shaking hands with a green top, or a pink top having a heart-to-heart with red pants or yellow oversize top tucked into a mustard pencil skirt. Our imagination can just run wild. It's like the color wheel decided to throw a chic party! These ensembles are your style's BFFs – connected yet distinct. It's not just clothing; it's a conversation between colors, creating a kind of unspoken cohesion in your style. So go on, rock that dynamic duo of matching tones and show the office that you're the curator of your own fabulous palette.

9. Asymmetric outfits


Asymmetric outfits


There is always a rule at the end of every rule book which says, “break all the rules”. Asymmetric outfits are exactly that. The last rule of breaking every rule in the rule book. It’s about combining style and quirkiness, breaking the predictability! Asymmetrical outfits are your style's mischievous alter ego, reminding your coworkers that you chart your own path. So if you believe that imperfection is nothing perfection personified, this style statement is definitely for you. Check out IREA’s Matilda dress to see how an asymmetric dress can be made professional with minimalistic design.

10. Pinafore Dress

Pinafore dresses came to life in the 18th century. The term "pinafore" itself comes from the word "pin-a-fore," meaning "pinned in front." These dresses were initially designed as protective garments worn by children over their regular clothes to shield them from spills and stains. They were practical and easy to wash, making them a popular choice for young girls. Over time, pinafores evolved in style and purpose. They transitioned from being solely functional to becoming fashionable pieces for both children and adults. Pinafore dresses for adults, characterized by their sleeveless design and pinafore-style apron front, gained popularity as a versatile and comfortable garment. Even today, pinafore dresses are a fashion statement that combines retro charm with modern flair. They have transcended their utilitarian beginnings to become a stylish choice for various occasions, including office wear, by offering a blend of comfort and unique design. Try pinafores that carry prints that are considered professional such as checks or simply solids, and pair them with solid white inner tops. This is a fashion statement that never goes out of style.

The possibilities for stylish office wear are as diverse as your aspirations. So, go forth, ladies, and turn every workday into a runway, showcasing your brilliance with every step. The world of office fashion is yours to conquer!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Indian formal wear for office?

Indian formal wear encompasses sarees and kurtis or kurta sets that blend culture with professionalism. As Indian ethnic wear can tend to be ornate, the trick is to find style in minimalism while choosing Indian wear for an office setting. Check our blog Kurtis for Workwear: Chic and Professional Office Outfit Ideas for more ideas on Indian formal wear for office.

2. Does kurti come under formals?

Absolutely, kurtis are a big part of the Indian formal attire. With the right design, fabric, and pairing, kurtis offer a fusion of elegance and professionalism. Tailored styles, professional colors, and subtle embellishments elevate kurtis to a sophisticated choice for formal work environment, allowing women to fuse culture while adhering to dress codes.

3. Can I wear sleeveless kurti in office?

Whether sleeveless attires are suitable for office wear is an eternal question mark. And there is no objective answer to this. This depends purely on the style of the kurti. If the kurti is styles and accessorized in a professional looking way with minimalism, even sleeveless kurtis can easily pass off as acceptable. If you are in doubt, you can safely pair a sleeveless kurti with a blazer or jacket taking it instantly from casual to professional in seconds.