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10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion | IreaLife

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion - Assemble fashion ladies! Are you ready to add ethnic vibes to your outfit collection with Kurti? Kurti is not just a piece of outfit, it is a true love of every Indian woman. Whether it is short or long, plain or fancy, it is easy to find at least one kurti in a woman’s wardrobe. And why not? They are comfy, versatile, and easy to wear and have taken a place in every woman’s heart. In this blog, we have rounded up the 10 Types of Kurti to Wear on Every Occasion that you must own if love Indian wear.

Kurtis is a staple in every woman's closet. From formal to casual gatherings to festive celebrations, there’s a perfect kurti for every event on your calendar. With time, this traditional outfit, "kurti" has evolved into several different styles and patterns. Well, the style of kurti varies on individual culture, occasion, and personal taste. In this fashion guide, IREA Life has come up with the 10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion for women looking to make a long-lasting ethnic statement. 

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion - 

With a myriad of designs, fabrics, and styles, kurti has emerged as a versatile wardrobe essential that effortlessly combines comfort and style. Below we have mentioned the 10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion that are sure to add flair to your outfit shelf and make you stand out at every occasion.

So, let’s dive into these top 10 kurti collections and get ready to elevate your ethnic wear game!

1.  Plain Kurti

Whether it’s white, purple, black, or green, the plain kurti is a timeless and versatile piece that always remains in style. They have clean and minimalist designs, making them perfect for formal and fancy events to look stylish and sophisticated.

Are you ready to revamp your wardrobe with some stunning magic? Check out Inaaya and Akira by IREA Life. These are elegant kurtis in purple and white colours respectively. (Akira is also available in brown colour). Thoughtfully crafted with breathable fabric and attention to detail, these gorgeous plain kurtis are comfortable and versatile. You can pair them with white churidar or leggings to create a stylish, crisp, and subtle look. 

Whether it’s a regular work day, office parties, or casual gatherings, you can choose Inaaya or Akira to add effortless elegance to your ethnic look. Check out Adiraa also. Make them yours today!

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion

2. A-Line Kurti

Perfect for all body types, A-Line kurti is a versatile and stylish option that can be dressed up or down. It comes in a diverse range of colours and designs. Whether it’s a casual day out or a formal event, A-line kurti is a go-to choice. 

Check out Vedika and Advika on IREA Life. These are the elegant A-line kurtis in splendid colours blue and teal green (respectively) that you must have in your closet. Our A-line kurti collection is crafted with high-end and wrinkle-free fabric to offer you a chic, polished, and comfortable look from AM to PM. If you want a classic traditional look for a casual day or to celebrate festivity, you can opt for Vedika. 

For a professional and fashionable look with an ethnic touch, Advika is the perfect choice. 

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion
3. Double Coloured Kurti

Imagine a kurti that is both contemporary and traditional. That kurti is Nitaara. It’s a classic double-coloured kurti by IREA Life designed specifically to turn heads wherever you go. The half-and-half design and double-colour kurti are minimal and professional giving you a captivating touch to your overall look. 

The white and green kurti colour exudes sophistication and an eye-catching statement. Whether it’s a formal occasion, semi-formal event, or casual day out, Nitaara is the perfect option to make an ethnic statement with a modern twist. Thanks to it’s comfy silhouette. Shop now!

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion
4. Anarkali Kurti

With a flared silhouette and fitted at the waist, Anarkali kurtis never go out of style. It’s a timeless kurti that you must have in your traditional wardrobe. This type of kurti exudes grace and sophistication. You can wear it at weddings, parties, and other fancy occasions or celebrations to look like a royal queen. 

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion
5. Shirt Style Kurti

If you want a smart and polished look, you will love shirt-style kurtis. These kurtis are a flawless blend of traditional and modern details. You can wear it at formal setups or professional events.

Check out Prisha by IREA Life. Prisha is a classic black and white short kurti that highlights a mock collar and bow neck that resembles a shirt. Featuring flared sleeves, it’s a trendy and fashion-forward option for women looking to express their personal style with a combination of traditional and Western aesthetics. You can wear it to make a difference at any occasion from formal and professional events to casual outings. Buy now!

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion
6. Kaftan Kurti

Embrace the traditional allure with a comfortable and beautiful kaftan kurti. The Kaftan kurti comes in a range of styles, colours, designs, and prints. They are perfect for relaxed events like beach parties, summer vacations, brunches, casual days out, and others.

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion
7. Angrakha Kurti

Next, we have Angrakha Kurti. This traditional kurti comes in a range of stunning patterns, colours, and designs, making them ideal for festive celebrations and cultural occasions. It is usually made with soft fabric, making it a perfect option for summer occasions. 

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion
8. Indo-Western Kurti

Mix and match the fashion details with an Indo-Western kurti. It is also available in a range of designs, colours, and fabrics. This type of kurti blends traditional Indian designs with modern elegance. It is perfect for casual and semi-formal occasions to make an ultramodern statement.

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion
9. Chikankari Kurti

In today’s ethnic fashion world, Chikankari kurti successfully melts the heart of every woman. It is made with light and roomy fabric. It usually has intricate embroidery that makes it more beautiful. You can pair it with leggings, jeans, and long skirts. It is perfect for regular days, casual day outs, festive events, cultural occasions, traditional theme days at work, and others.

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion
10. Asymmetrical Kurti

Lastly, we have Asymmetrical Kurti. These kinds of kurtis are the perfect way to elevate your traditional game. They are versatile and can easily go well with jeans, leggings, and palazzo. If you want to look unique and stylish with a traditional touch on a casual occasion, then an asymmetrical kurti is the ultimate choice.

10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion

Winding Up!

So there you have it #kurtilovers - 10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion. From A-line style to plain beauty, there is a range of kurti options to choose from. You can wear it for casual gatherings or grand celebrations (depending upon the style of the kurti). 

So, what are you waiting for?  Browse IREA Life’s stunning kurti collection and slay your ethnic style game every moment and every day. 

People May Also Ask For 10 Types of Kurti to Wear at Every Occasion

Q1: What are the different types of kurti?

Ans: When it comes to kurtis, the list of its types is endless. You can choose a long, short,mid-length, or loose-fitting style kurti depending upon your personal preferences. A-line kurti, plain kurti, double coloured kurti, etc. are the different types of kurti that always remain in style.

Q2: Which type of kurti is trending?

Ans; The versatile, elegant, and comfortable type of kurti is winning the trend. Check out IREA Life’s gorgeous, comfy, and versatile kurti collection.

Q3: How can I look smart and attractive in my kurti at office?

Ans; First of all, choose the well-fit kurti in neutral colours. Opt for wrinkle-free fabric to look polished and fresh at work. Pair it with well-fitted bottoms like leggings, jeans, or others depending on the style of your kurti. You can wear statement earrings or an elegant watch to create a minimalist, smart, and refined look. Lastly, wear “Be You” to stand out.

Q4: Which hairstyle goes well with an office-wear kurti?

Ans: When wearing a formal kurti at work, try to keep your hairstyle clean and minimal as much as possible. For instance; well combed open hair with side or mid partition, side braid, and others.