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Diwali for Your Home and Office

Perfect Diwali Outfit Ideas for Your Home and Office

Isn’t Diwali our favourite festival? The eternal festival of lights illuminating the country as a whole.

With Diwali around the corner, it is time to clean and declutter our wardrobes. Time to bring out our best dresses to wear at home and office.

Dress to shine, correct? So, are you looking for the perfect Diwali outfit ideas?
The joy of this festival is not just in lighting up our surroundings, but also in dressing up to look and feel our best.

This is that time of the year, when there is a renewed sense of purpose, and we wish to feel that enthusiasm inside out.

So shouldn’t our dress ideas for Diwali compliment us through these sentiments. Read more about how dressing plays a role in our fashion psychology in our earlier article. This is more accentuated during festivals that is meant to bring the cheer back into our mundane routine.

Now, whether you are working from home, or tug to work each day, choosing the perfect Diwali attire can be a tall order. But here, you have nothing to worry as we have put together some awesome Diwali outfit ideas for women.

These are easy, stylish and comfortable styling tips that will make you shine like a star this season.

Diwali Outfit Ideas for Work from Home:

1. Earthy Brown Essence with Akira Brown Kurti

Wear it to know it!

This kurti needs to be worn to know how comfortable it is.

The flowing georgette and solid earth brown colour makes it easy to style up or down for the festive mood. Just the way you would want to style it. So let us look at some effortless Diwali dress ideas and styling tips for this brown kurti.

Have you thought of earth brown and deep red as a combination. This can be an unconventional and fiery combination to light up your Diwali. Choose red leggings or palazzos, and a complimenting red dupatta with embellishments such as embroidery, zari, laces, etc. Accessorize with long dangler earrings to nail the ‘What Jhumka?’ look 😊. You could try any contrasting colour in place of red to suit your taste.

In addition, put on some extralong chain to add an interesting element to the solid base and long bishop sleeves of the brown kurti. Sprinkle that dash of spunk to your work from home look with this awesome Diwali styling tip.

2. Easy Breezy with Advika Kurti

This is the breeziest kurti in our collection, also one of our bestsellers.

If you have been looking for those comfortable outfit ideas for Diwali, Advika kurti just the perfect go-to style for you. The teal green colour adds richness, just the perfect spice for the season.

Styling this a line kurti for a festive look can be fun, with the creativity it allows for. Let us see how?

How about a monochrome Diwali outfit idea? Yes, a teal green legging or palazzo bottom for a full green monochrome stunning and sophisticated look.

Keep your makeup neutral, with some green kohl for your eyes. Now, for the cherry on the cake, style up the kurti with a long sleeveless Indian jacket for that added spunk.

3. Minimalistic Oorja for the Sophisticated

Now you would have never thought about featuring a minimalistic kurti in the list of Diwali dress ideas for women. But this blue color kurti can be a festive stellar.

It is for the minimalist. Those who feel ‘less is more’. And with less, you definitely can do more.

Oorja kurti is a perfect festive outfit for an elegant and uber cool festive look.

Pair this kurti with white straight pants or leggings. For the waist up view, enhance the minimalistic look with a light blue or sky blue sequin dupatta to lift up the overall spirit. Match them with silver danglers for a touch of traditional charm. And if you need to move out, how about silver sandals to complete the overall look?

Diwali Outfit Ideas for the Office Chic

1. Short Kurti for Women (Prisha)

This one is again an unconventional one in our outfit ideas for Diwali. This one is for the ultimate professional. This Black & White short kurti can exude a lot of confidence and can be fun styling up for the festive season.

Let’s adorn the magic of black colour this Diwali. Try the Prisha kurti with black leggings or palazzos, with lace, embroidery or other subtle embellishments. Pair the look with stunning black printed or embellished mojaris or silver metallic ballerinas.

Enhance the look with minimalistic silver or white gold accessories, such as stud earrings and delicate bracelet. To add a touch of glamour, carry a black and white clutch or purse.

2. Elegance Personified with Nitara

IREA’s Nitara button design kurti is a simple yet very elegant outfit in white and teal green combination. The half white base allows one to be creative in styling this one up.

For the festive look, there are many cool ideas one can experiment with on Nitara kurti.

To start with, pair the kurti with white or teal green bottoms. You could choose either leggings or wide leg pants. Enhance the look with silver jhumkas and bangles. Add more spunk with a long silver chain to compliment the jhumkas.

Complete the look with white or silver juttis (traditional Indian footwear) that provide comfort while keeping the traditional look beaming.

3. Nailing the professional festive look with Inaaya

Inaaya is a classic office collar kurti for the professional look.

Given its solid base, again this is a delight for fashion stylists.

Style up this dashing kurti with any contrasting but complimenting colour short Indian Jacket. You could choose a printed jacket (with some traditional Indian prints) or simply some embellishments. Pair with bottoms in white colour or the same colour as the jacket.

Wear statement earrings and chains for that smart traditional look, and complete with white colour footwear probably even heels, if you are comfortable wearing one.

4. Eternally pure with White Akira kurti

And our best for the last! This one’s a creative canvas. If one ever could hand a dress over and say style the way you want, this white colour kurti is just the one.
Our suggestion for nailing the Diwali look with this flowing white long kurti is to go metallic. How about some shining bottoms and metallic footwear. Add some variation with a printed dupatta. Go for jhumkas and a bracelet to get that perfect Diwali look.

In Conclusion:

Diwali is a time to celebrate with your loved ones, and your outfit plays a significant role in making the day even more special. Whether you're at home or in the office, you can effortlessly look your best by following these easy and stylish outfit ideas. Embrace the colors, the traditions, and the festivities of this beautiful festival, and shine bright like the Diwali lights.

Remember, it's not just about what you wear but how you carry yourself with confidence and a smile that truly makes your Diwali outfit perfect. So, go ahead, pick your favorite attire, and make this Diwali a memorable one! Happy Diwali!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What should I wear to office for Diwali?

This is a perfect time to wear your ethnic Indian dresses to work. Take a look at our styling tips in this blog to know more about office dress ideas for Diwali.

2. Is it OK to wear jeans in Diwali?

Yes if that makes you feel comfortable, and the overall setting and theme is casual, then why not? Instead of a top, pair your denim with a short kurta, such as our Prisha kurti. Check our styling tips above to making this denim look a dashing festive one.

3. Can we wear Kurti in Diwali?

Yes absolutely. Kurtis are a perfect choice for those who are not comfortable in the traditional saree. There are many festive styling ideas with your everyday professional kurti to make your Diwali attire perfect for work. Check our blog above for more such ideas.