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Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis | IreaLife

Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis - For Indian women “Kurti is not just an outfit, it’s a statement.” which is damn true. An elegant and stylish kurti is a forever companion of every woman. From shopping to events, office to casual, from party to movie night, a fashionable kurti can leave an impression everywhere. If you also feeling bored with your outdated kurti or simply looking to style up your ethnic game, then stay connected with us till the end. The blog will uncover the various Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis that you will definitely love and are perfect for revamping your ethnic wardrobe.

No doubt, the collar is a small detail of the outfit and covers less area, but can make a huge difference. Not only collar shirts, collar tops and collar dresses, collar neck design kurti also add a dash of statement to your look. Whether you prefer a traditional, modern or formal look, there is a collar-neck kurti to suit every preference. In this post, we have curated the list of different Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis that are taking the ethnic style to the next level.

Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis - Rock Your Ethnic Side With Dash of Contemporary Flair

Enlisting the most trending Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurti. So, buckle up “Ethnic- istas” and get ready to dive into the fabulous world of collar neck design kurtis!!!!!

1. Closed Round Collar Neck Design Kurti

Kurtis with this type of collar neck design is very simple and elegant. It comes in a range of colours, sizes, patterns and designs. You can choose anyone that syncs with your style preferences.

Picture a kurti that exudes ethnic, contemporary and professional statements. It’s Inaaya ladies! Inaaya is a stylish and unique kurti that is sure to leave an incredible impact wherever you go. The precise and professional style collar stands out as a game changer and makes it the perfect “office-wear kurti”. The purple colour of this kurti adds a soft and subtle touch to your personality. The length, sleeves, and buttons are also to the point.

This elegant kurti is crafted with high-end fabric that is wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and stretchable so that you can feel polished, comfortable and confident all day long. 

Overall, Inaaya is one -of- the kind Kurti that you are looking for!

2. Panelled Bow Neck Collar Neck Design Kurti

Panelled Bow Neck Collar Neck Design is a unique and trending style in the Kurti world. It’s very stylish and looks great on every woman. These kinds of kurtis are suitable for both formal, semi-formal and casual occasions.

Looking for an extra-unique collar neck design kurti that can also be worn as a dress? Say hello to “ Prisha”. Prisha is a formal wear kurti by IREA Life that can turn heads at work. The kurti sports a stylish mock collar whereas a bow neck adds a cute charm to the kurti. 

Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

The kurti is designed with black and white contrast making it a timeless and classy piece. The best part? It’s a versatile kurti that can be transformed into a dress. Yep, it’s true! 

You can opt for Prisha for formal events, professional occasions, parties and casual outings. Ladies, it’s time to amaze the world with something fresh and eye-catching! And Prisha, the captivating duo of vintage elegance and contemporary flair,  is here for it!

3. Peter Pan Collar Neck, Design Kurti

This rounded flat collar is a timeless classic and lends a sweet, feminine touch to the kurti. It is widely trending and comes in a diverse range of colours, prints, styles, sleeve lengths, and fabrics. 

Introducing another wonderful piece from the world of IREA Life - Aadhya. Aadhya is an extraordinarily smart kurti that comes with a Peter Pan collar and a neck bow tie attached under the collar. It features a stylish blend of solid olive green below the waist and beautiful abstract pink prints above. The kurti is thoughtfully designed with breathable and slightly stretchable fabric to offer you the ultimate comfort for long hours.

Pair it with matching leggings or pants, and slay your updated ethnic look at semi-formal and casual occasions. 

Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis
4. Big Pointed Flat Collar Neck Design Kurti

Big Pointed Flat Collar Neck Design Kurti is also ruling the fashion world. Woman love it because it offers them a unique way to flaunt their kurti with some modern flairs.

Check out Adira by IREA Life. It is a solid collar neck kurti that you can’t miss out on if you love kurti. It features an onion pink big pointed flat collar which is absolutely catching the attention. A well-contrasting ink-blue colour makes it very attractive, whereas pink flared cuffs add a touch of elegance to this kurti.

It is a very classic, and minimalist style kurti that will speak volumes about your confidence and upgraded kurti style when you wear it. The flexible and body-friendly silhouette of this dashing kurti hugs your figure perfectly. Whether it’s for work, meetings, or casual events, wear Adira just for one time and it will become your forever obsession! Try out!  

Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis
Other collar neck designs kurti

Mandarin Collar, Half collar, Stand Collar, Chinese Collar, Shirt Collar, Flap style Collar, and others are also the most popular collar neck designs for kurti that have become a statement of sophistication and elegance in the modern fashion era.

Wrapping Up!

So there you have it kurti lovers - Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis. Each collar neck design brings its own unique flair to the kurti, allowing you to express your personal style and create different looks for various occasions. Whether you prefer a traditional, elegant look or a more contemporary and casual vibe, there is a collar neck design to suit every taste and preference.

People May Also Ask For Types of Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis 

Q1: Are collar neck design kurtis suitable for formal occasions?

Ans: Absolutely! Collar neck design kurtis can be suitable for formal occasions, depending on the specific design and styling of the kurti. For example, kurtis with Peter Pan Collar or Closed Round Collar designs can be styled for formal or professional settings.

Q2: Which collar neck design kurti is perfect for a stylish ethnic look?

Ans: Collar neck designs like Panelled Bow Neck and Big Pointed Flat Collar can add a touch of traditional elegance and style to your ethnic look. These designs often blend well with traditional motifs and patterns.

Q3: Are collar neck kurti trending?

Ans: Yes, collar neck kurti are insanely popular in the fashion landscape, because they perfectly blend the contemporary style and traditional essence. They are perfect for formal, semi-formal, casual, and traditional events. That’s why, they will remain the women’s wardrobe staple for a lifetime. Visit IREA Life to explore and shop your the most favorite collar-neck kurti!