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What is IREA?

What is IREA?

IREA in Greek means ‘rainbow’ symbolizing colours. The meaning is a metaphor to adding colour (literally as well as symbolical of spunk and dynamism) to the modern woman’s wardrobe. 

IREA was born out of a random covid experiment. Our founder, Devi, had just taken up a new corporate role in early 2022, after a brief sabbatical. Prepping up for the role, she searched for new additions to her corporate wear, but as usual found very limited smart and stylish work wear. Pandemic struck and the plan to shop was kept on hold. But the problem, we knew was a relevant one.
As a random experiment, Devi reached out to global fashion designers in Paris, Milan, New York, Tel Aviv and Moscow to get some styles designed. The brief had a bunch of not-to-dos and an open canvas to experiment beyond that. The outcome laid the seed for IREA.
At IREA, we hope to keep bringing you global fashion that are timeless, do not follow fast trends, and are vibrant for officer wear, the place where we spend 1/3rd of our lives, or even more. 

IREA is waiting to be your partner upping the ante for you while you go about making that fashion statement at your work!