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Different Types of Trendy Tops for Women

9 Different Types of Trendy Tops for Women to Wear in Office

Hey there, fashion enthusiasts and working professionals! In the ever-evolving realm of office attire, fashion is one constant change. Gone are the days when work wear tops meant drab and monotonous outfits. Today, the fusion of tradition and contemporary style has given rise to an array of trendy tops that perfectly blend professionalism with fashion-forward sensibilities. From classic elegance to modern sophistication, these tops are designed to empower and inspire while keeping the workplace vibe intact. Do you want to dive along with us into the realm of trendy office wear tops, specially curated for the stylish Indian women of today?

Below we have curated a list of 9 stylish tops for office wear that one can choose from. These are put together keeping in mind their elegance and differentiation, rather than current fads. So, head along…

1. Trendy long tops for women

Did you think that tops are supposed to be hip length for office wear? No, we don’t think so. Versatility and individuality are at their heights for women choosing their clothing today. Long tops offer modesty for those who prefer that style. Plus by pairing them with leggings, treggings, straight pants or simply with denim, one can create a very professional look. You could choose between a tunic style top or a flowy oversize shirt for a different stand out look at work. Go for colours or prints that are elegant and not too bouncy or riotous. Keep them minimalistic and accessorize them well with ear studs or danglers and a stylish formal handbag.

2. Classic Peplum Tops

Classis Peplum Top


Let's talk peplum tops now - the secret weapon for chic office wear among Indian women. These beauties offer the best of both worlds: a sleek silhouette with a playful flow. The flared waistline is so comfortable on any body type, especially for those conscious of their bulges. Peplums creates a visual sense of an hourglass shape making one look super stylish in peplums. At IREA, we have added a twist to the peplum, as seen in Carissa and Cora, by adding slits so that they can be paired with high waist trousers giving the much needed professional look while evoking a sense of dynamism in the attire. Whether you're acing that presentation or conquering the daily grind, these tops effortlessly elevate your style game, giving you that extra boost of confidence as you navigate the workday with grace and flair.

3. Turtle Neck Top

So let’s imagine for a while! You are entering your office wearing a soft turtleneck with your favorite pencil skirt or those chic high-waisted pants. Do you know what’s on your coworkers’ minds right now? Yes, this is an instant recipe for adorable sophistication. Turtlenecks are just a must have for every workwear wardrobe Whether it’s a formal day or just a casual one, turtleneck tops keep you snug, stylish, and ready to conquer the workday, while adding a touch of cozy charm to your professional persona. Try pairing a turtleneck with a long minimalist chain to create a more stylish look. So go on, keep your style quotient sky high with this one!

4. Cowl Neck Top

While cowls are famously found on causal tops, cowl neck tops work very well in formal settings. If you have a cowl sleeveless top, try wearing a blazer or jacket over it to create a beautiful layered look. The cowl drapes will add a lot of interest to your overall look. It’s an instant upgrade from casual to chic, and of course with it comes versatility. Just take off your jacket and walk into a restaurant or lounge to slip into your dining mood. The perfect nine to dine top for your workwear collection. Avoid any chains or necklaces with cowls that can distract away from the neckline. Instead just wear a set of beautiful long earrings to give it that starry feel.

5. Classic Shirt with Cuffs

Let’s think of shirts as your wardrobe superheroes, swooping in to save you from any fashion crisis. No wonder they are such classics, never go out of fashion. With crisp collars and buttoned magic, these powerhouses bring the right balance of professionalism and pizzazz to your 9-to-5 hustle. Try accessorizing those classic shirts with trendy cufflinks to emulate the male look, but so what? We, as women, just have the flexibility to wear anything we wish to, right? Go for some printed shirts instead of the classic solid to ace up the style a bit. Checks, of course never go out of fashion as well. But how about some polka dots, or houndstooth or simply a single colour small or large sized floral print? And once you step out of that office, just roll up those sleeves and pair with a pencil skirt, for that extra oomph and charm on the post work look.

6. Satin Blouse Top

We are sure you fashion mavens can’t do without those elegant and royal satin blouses – the shimmering stars of your work wardrobe galaxy. These silky delights are like a sassy secret weapon, instantly transforming your office ensemble into a runway-worthy affair. Imagine the soft caress of satin against your skin as you tackle spreadsheets with style. With their subtle sheen, satin blouses effortlessly bridge the gap between corporate and chic. Pair them with tailored pants or a pencil skirt for a look that's part boss babe, part glam goddess. So, embrace the luxe life and let your inner fashion diva shine bright in those satin wonders!

7. Jacket Top

Jacket tops are not for the weak hearted! This one’s a sure head turner if you wish to be seen as a pro at your work. Jacket tops are a perfect staple for ones who believe in dressing like a CEO. These are office trendsetters, ready to add that extra oomph to your office look. Slip into one, and voila! You're an instant fashion wizard. From a tailored fit to slightly oversize, jacket tops are just a way to express your inner aspiration to ace it at your work – bold, stylish, and ready to conquer!

8. Pleated Blouse or Top

Pleated Blouse or Top


If you are looking for something that is body shape neutral, pleated tops are must-haves! Depending on where the pleats are, they can add layers to your look creating style variations to what could have been an otherwise boring blouse or top. For example, our Aria top’s center pleat adds a lot of comfort to those looking for a very easy breezy look without compromising on professionalism.

9. Tie Neck Top

Picture this: a sleek tie delicately adorning your neckline, channeling a blend of professionalism and playfulness. This is sure to turn heads given just how unconventional it is. Tie-neck tops are your style sidekick adding a lot of serious fun to your fashion game. Wearing a tie neck top sets your place in a world of men giving you an equal place that you deserve. So go ahead, and own one piece of this flaunting your innate self-confidence and self-esteem to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get stylish tops for women?

You are in luck! You have reached just the place to find the most stylish tops available for office wear. Check out our tops collection for all your fashion shopping needs.

2. Which kind of women's tops are in trend?

Check out the blog above for some trendy tops for office wear. Having said that, we do not believe in fast fashion and current fads that are seasonal. We are a believer in slow fashion and create styles that are timeless and unique. Check out our styles for more details!