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10 Must-Have Tops for Office Wear: A Complete Guide

10 Must-Have Tops for Office Wear: A Complete Guide

Ah, the eternal struggle of choosing the perfect top for office wear every morning – it's like searching for a hidden treasure in a sea of clothing chaos! You stand there, staring at your mountain of tops, each one holding the potential to make or break your workday mood. It's a real-life game of fashion roulette, where you spin the wheel (or dig through the pile) and hope that luck is on your side. But fear not, fellow fashion explorer, for there are a few trusty guidelines to navigate this sartorial maze.

Picture this: you're on a mission to conquer the workday with a top that screams confidence but also whispers "I've got my style game on point." Yes, style matters and so you need to find something that makes you feel on top of the world. But wait. What about comfort? We know how much that is important to endure that long day. Remember, it's not just about looking like a boss – you've got to feel like one too. That chiffon concoction might be cute, but if it's trying to strangle you with every move, it's a hard pass.

But hold on, adventurer – don't forget the most important part of this whole shebang: your personal style! Amidst the chaos, listen to that little fashion oracle inside you. Whether you're a minimalist maven, a pattern princess, or someone who likes to sprinkle a little quirkiness into their outfit, there's a top in that heap that's just waiting to be your workwear soulmate.

So, to relieve you of this everyday dilemma, we just decided to list down 10 must-have office wear tops for ladies, so on days that you are just not able to make up your mind, just safely go ahead and pick from one of these ten. Trust us, you won’t go wrong here.

1. Styled up Sleeves Top

Styled up Sleeves Top


Simple tops can look great with styled-up sleeves. Try picking tops with a variety of sleeves, such as gigot, puffs, balloon, bell, or bishop sleeves. Are you ready to sleeve the boring behind? Imagine your plain tops getting a makeover that's the envy of the runway. Trust us, wear a gigot or balloon sleeve, and you are sure to turn heads. It’s not something people can ignore. And of course, these can also feel super comfortable if you pick the right fit. Experimenting on tops that carry different stylish sleeves can make you feel like fashion royalty. It's like your tops went to a sleeve spa and came out looking fabulous. So wave farewell to the mundane, because with these sleeves, your style game just reached a whole new dimension of awesomeness!

2. Solid White Top

Hold onto your desk chairs, because we're about to unravel the enigma of the solid white top for workwear. It's not just a top – it's your canvas of professionalism, pizzazz, and radiating crisp confidence. That white canvas invites endless accessorizing possibilities. Dainty necklace? Power move. Statement earrings? Instant charisma boost. And don't even get us started on the bold lipstick game! And you hardly need to think about what bottoms to pair them with – whether you choose pants or skirts, and no matter the color or print of your bottom, this white solid top is your best friend and trusty sidekick.

3. Checked Top

This one’s never going out of fashion. Classic and timeliness, just evolving in different shapes, forms, and colours. It doesn’t matter what style of top it is – be it a classic shirt, long top, fitting jersey top, or crop top for office wear. Those playful checks are like a secret handshake with style and your ticket to boss-level charm. Try pairing it with solid pants of a neutral shade – black, blue, or beige for that unwavering office look. So go on, shop online for that favourite checked top of yours, and unleash that checkmate attitude!

4. Collared Top

Collared Top


This one means business, yes, serious business! Collared tops are ones to eternally top the rules of workwear if there are any. It's like a power suit's stylish cousin, delivering confidence with a dash of charm whether you're sealing deals or plotting world domination. Check out our Carissa top to see how you can ace your game at work. So pick one of these up and swoop into your office with its crisp collar and your chic confidence, and let your wardrobe go from zero to hero in just a jiffy. This one will be your champion top when you need it the most!

5. Polka Dots Top

Did you know that dots were avoided in the middle ages as they reminded people of the plague epidemic? But polka dots made a raring comeback in the 1800s and have stayed ever since. We are never letting this one go out of our wardrobe. The eternal cubicle confetti and polka dots are the best representation of “less is more”. So elegant whether you pair it with a pencil or a-line skirt, or skinny or wide-leg pants. This is just one all-rounder. Go ahead, and ensure you have one go-to polka dot top on your shelf to beat the work blues.

6. Floral Top

Floral tops have by far been the most effortless fashion outfit ever for women. Whether it’s small or big florals, floral tops have a unique way to bring out your feminism. Depending on how you style your floral top, you can portray a fine balance between the confidence of a boss and the charm of a garden party. From small blossoms to vibrant petals, it's like wearing a garden on your sleeves. So pick a floral pattern and let it remind you of the beauty in every workday.

7. Sleeveless Solid Top

Yes, we know that a sleeveless top for office wear has been a point of contention forever. Can you or can you not wear it to work? Sleeveless tops stand for boldness, freedom, and individuality. We say go ahead and embrace the arms-out attitude with a sleeveless top for the office. Sleeveless tops are a no-brainer if you want to pair them with a blazer or jacket for a layered look. It’s high up on comfort along with a jacket and makes one look very sleek at work. Also, it’s super versatile as you move from your desk to dinner. When the clock strikes five, ditch the blazer, add a statement necklace, and you're ready to dazzle over dinner.

8. Peplum Top

Peplum Top


Peplum tops can be sleek and flowy at the same time. The flared waistline makes it comfortable for any body shape or type, especially for conscious ones. At IREA, we have added a twist to the peplum, as seen in Carissa and Cora, by adding slits so that they can be paired with high-waist trousers giving the much-needed professional look while evoking a sense of dynamism in the attire. We cannot imagine a wardrobe without the super comfortable peplum top!

9. Satin Blouse Top

Satin tops at the office? Oh, it's like bringing a touch of glam to the grind! Imagine strolling into the office with a soft shimmer of confidence. These tops aren't just fabric; they're your secret weapon against mundane Mondays - smooth, sleek, and so utterly stylish. Tuck one into tailored pants for a CEO-worthy look or pair it with a pencil skirt for a dose of "I mean business and I'm fabulous" vibes. Choose a solid or printed satin blouse, you just cannot go wrong here, if you want to stand out of the crowd.

10. Classic Black & White Top

Classic Black and White Top


When it comes to office chic, black and white tops are like the dynamic duo of style. It's like your wardrobe's version of yin and yang, effortlessly balancing elegance and charisma. Mondays to Fridays, strut into the office with the timeless pairing and that's a guaranteed win. IREA has gone a step further to combine this classic combination in our Zoe and Cora tops in a way that they blend into formal and casual both at the same time. A black and white top, in our minds, is a mandatory check for your wardrobe and a fashion safety net, ensuring you are always dressed to impress.

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