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Diwali Outfits – Adding a Festive Touch to Your Workday

Diwali Outfits – Adding a Festive Touch to Your Workday

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. It is all about friends and families coming together, exchanging sweets, delicacies and gifts, light oil lamps (diyas) and bring out the festive cheer to one’s lives. And it is also about flaunting your best Diwali outfits.

While it's a traditional festival, people like to look their best and wear special clothes on these days.

If you're wondering how to give your regular workwear that festive touch for Diwali, we've got you completely covered. There is an increasing attempt to move towards more modern Diwali outfits.

You can also check our earlier article on Perfect Diwali Outfit Ideas for Your Home and Office for ideas on diwali outfits for ladies and making modern professional kurtis more festive.

Here, we'll share some simple Diwali dress ideas and tips on how to add a touch of Diwali spirit to your everyday office attire.

Colors of Diwali

What comes to mind when we think of Diwali, apart from lights of course? Vibrant and bright colours everywhere. Diwali is all about vibrant colors and lights.
This is the time when you want to give your workwear that festive touch. You can add a pop to your look by picking outfits in traditional Diwali colors like red, orange, yellow, and green. These colors stand for symbolize happiness, optimism and positivity.

You could also add on these vibrant colours to more sober ones, through dupattas or Indian jackets, that can totally change your everyday look.
Ethnic Accessories

Keep your western accessories aside, and bring out those ethnic ones this season. Adding these Indian statement jewelry to your work attire can instantly make it feel more festive.

For example, you can wear long earrings or danglers, bangles, or a stylish bindi. These small additions can make a big difference in your regular look giving your style an ethnic and festive vibe.

Mix and Match

If you don't want to completely change your work attire, consider mixing and matching your regular office clothes with traditional Indian clothing. For instance, pair your formal pants or skirt with a beautifully embroidered Indian kurti or a traditional Dupatta. This blend of modern and ethnic elements can create a balanced and festive look.

The Classic Kurti

The Indian kurti is a versatile piece of clothing that's most women’s go-to choice for the Diwali season. You can wear it with your regular office pants or pair it with a traditional skirt for a more ethnic look.

Kurtis come in many styles, from simple and minimalistic to ornate and heavy. Choose one that fits your style and adds that festive touch to your work attire.

Celebrate with Prints

Make an impression with prints this Diwali.

Prints like paisley, florals or abstracts can add extra zing to your work attire. You could also wear an Indian styled or ethnic printed blouse under your regular blazer or cardigan. These prints will give your workwear the festive flair you are seeking while staying within professional bounds of formal dressing.

Sprinkle some glitter

Diwali is a festival of lights, so let us sprinkle some sparkle onto your Diwali outfit?

Sequins can add shimmer to your regular office kurtis, making them more festive. You can top your everyday kurti with a sequin dupatta for that added glamour.

You can even pair them with metallic footwear. It's a simple way to add that extra touch of Diwali to your outfit.

Footwear Matters

And speaking of footwear, a pair of traditional Indian sandals or mojaris or juttis can make a world of difference this Diwali. Picking the Indian footwear to your festive look can add a ton of comfort to your office attire.

Light on Makeup

Net your natural beauty shine through this Diwali.

Instead of heavy makeup, try a light and fresh look. Focus on your eyes and lips, and add a touch of coloured kohl and a bright lip color. Keep your makeup simple and elegant to avoid any distractions you’re your Diwali outfits.

Maintain Comfort

While dressing up for Diwali is exciting, it's essential to remain comfortable, especially if you have a long day at the office.

Be careful to ensure you do not compromise on comfort for that your festive attire. Choose fabrics that are breathable and easy to move in.

To sum up, add all-round glamour to your Diwali Outfits

In conclusion, it can be quite easy to add that much needed festive touch and wear your best outfit for Diwali. Also, they don’t need to be new or expensive.
With a few simple tweaks and tips given above, you can tune into the joy of Diwali dressing from your everyday office attire.

Remember that Diwali is a time of happiness and togetherness, so let your festive spirit shine through in your clothing, but also in your warm smile and positive attitude. Happy Diwali!