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11 Office Wear Tops Ideas for the Perfect Friday

Fun Friday Fashion Trends: 11 Office Wear Tops Ideas for the Perfect Friday

Fun Friday Fashion Trends: 11 Office Wear Tops Ideas for the Perfect Friday: Tannhaa! It’s a Friday means “Fresh Vibes”, plus loaded with the excitement of the weekend. When it comes to office wear, Fridays have long been a day to loosen up a bit and go for a more relaxed dressing style. It’s the onset of the weekend and in a way celebratory throwing in the hat earlier. "Casual Fridays," a trending workplace practice allows employees to break away from the formal dress code attire of Monday to Thursday. But how do you strike the right balance of weekend work outfits between professional and comfortable, all while staying casual and stylish?  In this blog, we will unveil 11 office wear tops Ideas for the Perfect Friday. Stay Tuned!

Office wear tops that are not only fashionable but also appropriate for a fun and laid-back Friday vibe will definitely steal the show. Fun Fridays are the most awaited day as they offer many opportunities to forget the little amount of professionalism and enjoy the moments. Many workplaces also organize brainstorming exercises and games, team-building activities, ludo tournaments, etc to create a vibrant and motivational environment in the office. 

Moreover, fun Friday is also a perfect day to experiment with your style that speaks volumes. The interesting aspect is that you can still look professional while adding some fun vibes to your office wear outfits. 

Here are a few of the latest fun Friday fashion suggestions for office wear tops:

1. Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are a fun and flirty way to add personality and variation to your workwear. They are eye-catching and also very flattering on most body types. Puff sleeve tops can be worn in plain solids or interesting prints that don’t take away from the puff look. Further, if the puff sleeve is the full length it adds more professionalism to an office environment. Puff sleeve can be worn as is, and don’t need to be paired with a blazer or jacket giving the individual all-day comfort in going about closing their weekday tasks.

2. Cutouts

Cutouts are another quirky and trendy way to elevate your office wear. They also lend a lot of versatility allowing one to step directly into that evening dinner from work. This is the go-to desk-to-dinner top for women who want to bring in some chic in their wardrobe. Cutouts can be placed quite creatively at the shoulders, back, or waist. Just be sure to choose a top that is still appropriate for the workplace. Avoid cutouts that are too revealing or too casual. Check out Aria and Cora for interesting Friday tops with cutouts.

3. Slits

When we talk about office wear, slits never forget to take the spotlight. They can transform your boring top to #classic top. They add a dash of modernity and style to the professional attire. Imagine a simple peplum top that now has slits along the peplum making it more fascinating than before. Slits can be in the front, back, or side depending on the style. These also add versatility making them comfortable evening wear. Additionally, they also add ease of movement thereby making them a more extra-ordinary and comfy dressing option. Check out our Carissa or Cora tops that bring in the element of slits to add a dash of coolness to the top.

4. Bold colors and prints

Friday is the day to go for that bold red bright yellow or orange. Be the scientist of your own style of invention. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold colours and prints on Fun Fridays. A bright-colored top or a top with a fun print is a stunning way to create an outfit that truly makes a difference. Also, large prints are flawless for Friday dressing to shine at the workplace. These infuse energy and individuality into your professional wardrobe. They can be quite expressive reflecting your personality during meetings or simply at interactions at work. Just be sure to pair your bold top with more subdued bottoms and accessories to keep your look office-appropriate.

5. Off-the-shoulder tops

Off-the-shoulder tops are also a splendid way to look professionally confident at your office. Moreover, they are very feminine, contemporary, and stylish office wear. These are fashion-forward tops that are only for the bold and progressive. Look for an off-the-shoulder top in a professional fabric, such as silk or crepe. You can also pair your off-the-shoulder top with a blazer or cardigan to make it ideal for the workplace. To avoid an inappropriate office look, make sure you pair them with formal pants and minimal accessories to lend them a professional look.

6. Wrap tops

We are talking about the perfect and stylish office tops for Friday and how can we forget about Wrap Tops? These tops are for the easygoing. These classic professional tops are "body-friendly" and perfect for those who are body-conscious and desire a comfortable all-day outfit. They also accentuate your waistline and create a flattering silhouette. Wrap tops are versatile options as they can be worn to the workplace on Friday and styled for a party look on any day. You can dress it up or down to suit your style and preference. Look for a wrap top in a professional fabric and color for an office setting.

Furthermore, pairing your wrap top with a contrasting pencil skirt or trousers will add a finished touch to your personality.

7. Peplum tops

Peplum tops are a popular way to add some volume and interest to your workwear. They're also very flattering on all body types and shapes and so pretty much have acquired a timeless cult status. Their versatility makes them an equally darling choice for an office look, especially for those fun Fridays. Look for a peplum top in a solid colour or a subtle print. You can also pair your peplum top with high-waisted pants or a skirt to create a flattering silhouette. Check out Carissa or Cora tops for interesting peplum options.

8. Cropped tops

Well, crop tops can be a non-professional option to wear at the workplace. Even, if it’s fun Friday, make sure when you wear or style it, it should look decent and elegant. Try to choose a cropped top that hits the high waistline. Additionally, you can style your cropped top with high-waist trousers and a formal blazer or cardigan to add a sense of style without compromising professionalism.

Check out Zoe for a semi-crop top office wear option.

9. Asymmetric tops

Asymmetric tops are another option to elevate your fashion game for office Fridays. They not only add an interesting touch to your office wear but also play a pivotal role in balancing out your figure. Always discover an asymmetric top in a professional fabric and color. To offer a polished look to your overall appearance, you can your asymmetric top with neutral bottoms and accessories.

Zoe is the finest asymmetry with one side panel ruffles and a half belt creating a very fun and spunky Friday look.

10. Tie-front tops

Looking to add bold and boss vibes to your office wear? What about Tie-front tops? Tie-front tops are also an incredible option to wear on Friday. One of the best features of this top is that they are flexible and suit all body types. Always purchase a tie-front top in high-quality fabric and classic colours.

Style Tip: Pair your tie-front top with high-waisted pants or a skirt to leave your eyes in awe.

11. Ruched tops

Lastly, Ruched tops are also a gorgeous choice to accentuate your curves and create a polished look. These tops also offer two factors: Comfort and stylish look. While shopping for a ruched top pay attention to its fabric and colour. To stand out in the crowd, you can style your ruched top with basic bottoms and accessories.

Wrapping Up!

The blog aims to inform about Fun Friday Fashion Trends: 11 Office Wear Tops Ideas for the Perfect Friday. Fun Friday fashion trends create opportunities to express your style while maintaining professionalism.

Fridays are perfect for experimenting with your fashion choices for that fun office attire with different types of office wear tops that incorporate prints, colors, and comfortable design elements.

Strike the right balance between comfort and style to create a look that not only celebrates the end of the workweek but also sets a positive tone in the office environment. If this blog caught your attention, you might also like our blog on a similar topic 10 Must-Have Tops for Office Wear: A Complete Guide

Frequently Asked Questions on Fun Friday Fashion Trends: 11 Office Wear Tops Ideas for the Perfect Friday

1. How do you dress smartly for the office?

Dressing smartly for the office involves choosing a professional outfit that adheres to your company's dress code. Good fits and well-groomed attire that is wrinkle-free is very important to look smart and polished at work. Also, check out this article for more resources - Workwear Dos and Don'ts: Fashion Tips for Professional Women

2. Are there any specific colors or patterns that work best for Fun Friday office wear?

Check out Point 2 of our blog above. Fridays are fun days to experiment with colors and prints. However, the bolder you get, it is essential to balance it out with sober pairings of pants and accessories. Otherwise, the look can get tacky and inappropriate in an office atmosphere.

3. What are some trendy office wear tops for a casual Friday look?

You have hit the right spot. Check the above article for 11 perfect Friday office tops for that casual and relaxed look.

4 Can I wear a Crop Top for a fun Friday at the workplace?

Ans: Well, crop tops can be a non-professional option to wear at the workplace. However, you can style your cropped top with high-waist trousers and a formal blazer or cardigan to add a sense of style without compromising professionalism.