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Trendy Tops for Virtual Meetings Making a Statement on Screen

Trendy Tops for Virtual Meetings: Making a Statement on Screen

Trendy Tops for Virtual Meetings: Making a Statement on Screen - We are living in the digital era. It’s just a matter of seconds to communicate with anyone by sitting in any corner of the world. Nowadays, remote work also has taken a unique place in the professional world. Remote work or Work from home generally includes online meetings and other virtual interactions. Undoubtedly, we have a limited screen to make impressions with others, but we can’t ignore the concept of dressing. Working women usually prefer formal wear which is tops to add professional statement to the screen. If you are also in search of trendy tops for Virtual meetings, then you are on the right page!

The Virtual Meeting Revolution

The pandemic gave a drastic hit to almost every kind of industry. Moreover, the words “ Remote Work” and “Work from Home” also gained popularity during and after the COVID time. During that challenging period, many businesses realize that remote working techniques are offering insane benefits to their company, and employees and saving other expenses. That’s why they have permanently switched to the online work mode.

While doing professional and virtual interaction, what we wear from the waist up plays a major role. The virtual screen doesn’t represent the same color and prints of our attire as they are in real. That’s why it has become important to choose the right clothes to define yourself in the digital world that offers a real view and makes you look professional and confident.

Nowadays, tops are becoming a top choice for online work professional women to look comfortable and elegant.

Why Tops Matter

When participating in virtual meetings, your top is the only visible part of your outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you wear pajama bottoms, shorts, denim or sweats under the desk, but a well-chosen top is all that you need to make a significant impact on your overall appearance and how you're perceived by people on the other side of your screen. So, here's why tops matter:

  1. They Set the Tone: Imagine sitting in front of a laptop wearing a t-shirt or a sleeveless top. In the absence of a fuller appearance, one can immediately make snap judgments about the casualness of your personality which can create wrong impressions. Your choice of top instantly conveys your professionalism, style, attitude and also your commitment to look your best despite remote work. It shows seriousness, and a trendy, stylish top can show that you're adaptable and up-to-date.
  2. They Enhance Your Confidence: A well-dressed and well-groomed person will automatically attract attention and make her/him look more confident. Tops are easy to wear and style and they are a fashionward choice. Tops can help you to look good on a virtual screen and uplift your confidence.
    You can look comfortable without compromising professionalism. When you feel best, you naturally perform best! They Leave a Lasting Impression: In the business world, the impression is the real game changer. By opting for trendy and elegant tops, you can elevate your online appearance on the screen, and this will positively influence your way of interaction. In crisp, you can leave a strong and everlasting impression on your colleagues and other online audiences.
  3. They Leave a Lasting Impression: Your colleagues will remember your virtual presence, especially if you consistently stand out with trendy tops. A well-curated collection of tops can make you memorable and leave a positive impression.

Types of Trendy Tops for Virtual Meetings

So should dive headlong into the various types of virtual meetings outfits? Here we go –


1. Classic Blouses Elements

Classic elements in tops or blouses never go out of style. By this we mean interesting details waist up such as ruffles, bow-ties, collars, etc. These give an appearance of full dressing in a virtual screen and is extremely compatible with professional settings.

2. Stylish Necklines

Necklines can be your best friends for virtual meeting fashion. These are what get noticed immediately and so if you wish to up your on-screen fashion, necklines are what you should absolutely focus on. Look for varied necklines such as V neck, boat neck, sweetheart neckline (Zoe Top), peephole neckline (Advika Kurti), etc. Even asymmetric necklines can help you steal the show. These can draw attention to your face and add an element of intrigue to your virtual appearance. These necklines take a simple top into a stylish piece that enhances your virtual personality.

3. The Right Sleeves

Sleeves are the next important part of your virtual tops. Sleeveless can be a no-no for virtual tops as they may not send out the right signal. It might be best to go for full or longer sleeves. You could experiment with your sleeves such as bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, ruffles or cut outs to make a statement. Check out our Aria top which can be a perfect virtual top for your on-screen fashion. These can add a fashionable flair to your outfit without being overly distracting.

4. Choosing the right colours

Classic white blouses are a timeless choice, but don't be afraid to experiment with pastel shades as well. Remember that colours look very different on screen over real. So you might want to wear colours that do not distract the whole screen.

5. Choosing the right prints

For virtual meetings, its best to choose muted prints or smaller prints, as its unlikely to see prints in details through a small window online. Large prints can tend to be distorting, so go for solid tops or in case of prints, choose tops that keep the professional essence virtually.


1. Wrap Tops

These honestly don’t matter here, as wraps are typically below waist. So long as you choose wrap tops that cover the above elements, any wrap tops can fit into a good trendy top for your virtual diary. Wraps by themselves don’t add any value to you here.

2. Peplum Tops

Similar to wraps, peplums are generally below the waistline. These can be worn for comfort, but try ensuring the one or more of above 5 points in any peplum top you choose for your online meetings.

3. Fabrics

Fabrics don’t really matter in the virtual world so long as they are crisp and neatly ironed. So you could go for that favorite linen top for your online meeting if that makes you feel comfortable for a full day of home working.

4. Blazers

Yes, you don’t need to don those blazers and jackets for those virtual meetings, as online meetings by their very essence tend to be less formal than physical meetings and get-togethers. You might be perceived as being overdressed in that blazer, so neatly tuck away your blazers you’re your shelves for those remote working days.


We are in an age of combining physical and virtual meetings, and so need to have a wardrobe that caters to every occasion. Making a statement on screen is also an essential part of our working life. Your choice of virtual office wear can have a significant impact on how you're perceived, your confidence, and your overall virtual presence. So go ahead, and look for those perfect trendy tops to push your virtual persona to the moon!

Frequenlty Asked Questions

1. Which tops will look best on Zoom meetings?

For Zoom or other online interaction platforms, you can choose the top that is the flawless blend of comfort and professionalism. Try to wear solid colours or classic-style tops with decent necklines and clean sleeves to make an incredible presence on the screen.

2. What are some key considerations when choosing a trendy top for virtual meetings?

Here are two tips to keep in mind while choosing a trendy top for online meetings –

  • Choose the well-fit top that makes you look comfortable and confident.
  • Avoid shopping for tops that are fancy or bold colours. Always prefer basic and classic colour tops.

Select the decent tops that coordinate with your work dress code.

3. How can I accessorize my virtual meeting outfit to enhance my on-screen presence?

To enhance your virtual presence, you can choose minimal accessories that match with your top. You can wear a plain chain and with studs to look more elegant. Moreover, a simple and stylish watch will go well to look professional on screen.