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Thoughts in passing

  • Trendy Tops for Virtual Meetings Making a Statement on Screen

    Trendy Tops for Virtual Meetings: Making a Statement on Screen

    Remote working has become an unsaid reality of the post COVID world. The way we dressed to work has taken on a whole new dimension today. The traditional office attire was often considered crisp suits and well ironed blouses, but now the focus has now shifted to ‘waist-up’ dressing – which basically means tops that make a statement on screen
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  • 10 Must-Have Tops for Office Wear: A Complete Guide

    10 Must-Have Tops for Office Wear: A Complete Guide

    Ah, the eternal struggle of choosing the perfect top for office wear every morning – it's like searching for a hidden treasure in a sea of clothing chaos! You stand there, staring at your mountain of tops, each one holding the potential to make or break your workday mood.
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  • What is IREA?

    What is IREA?

    IREA was born out of an experiment to design something for the modern working women. At IREA, we hope to keep bringing you global fashion that are timeless, do not follow fast trends, and are vibrant for officer wear, the place where we spend 1/3rd of our lives, or even more. 
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